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"If men had postponed the search for knowledge and beauty until they were secure the search would never have begun."
(C.S. Lewis)


We believe that:

"The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof"( Psalm 24)

and therefore, all things are in subjection to Jesus Christ. 

We want to be the kind of people that live and breathe this. 


Lord willing the 'upper40' will become a haven/platform to facilitate such endeavors. To host creators who strive for truth and beauty in all things, as well as those who are resolved to live and create art in a way which furthers the mandate and mission to proclaim Jesus Christ as King. 

What's coming?

Well alot hopefully! 

But for now...

- There will be Two new Artist's who come on board in the next couple of weeks

- We also have some pretty Bold and Clear merch in the works, hats, shirts ect..

We are just taking one step at a time, so we will see what the Lord has in store! 


Forest Path

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